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NoteRush Notes Application

Video Tutorials

The videos beneath provide a quick introduction to some of the main NoteRush features, each is about 1 minute in length.

1. First Steps: How to create a NoteRush document

  • Creating a document is the first step in starting to build your information. A document contains zero or more notes and also information about note relationships and formatting.

2. First Steps: Notes - creating, editing and deleting

  • Notes are easy to create and can be added next-to or beneath any other note, allowing complex hierarchies of notes to be easily built.

3. First Steps: Notes - copying and moving

  • Notes can be copied or moved by just dragging them to their new position in the note hierarchy.

4. First Steps: Exporting notes to a standard document format

  • Notes and their sub-notes at any level in the note hierarchy can be exported to a standard document format (XPS) allowing printing and reading like a standard document.


Q. I want to run NoteRush Premium on more than one computer that I own, do I need to buy multiple licences?

We are happy to extend licences so that the same product key can easily be activated on an extra PC, with the condition that the computer must be owned by the registered user. Please email us and we will extend the licence appropriately online.

Q. What exactly is a NoteRush "document"?

Quite simply, a NoteRush document is a single file on disk that stores within it a collection of notes. You can see the logical names of the open NoteRush documents in the boxes to the right of the (blue) control icon.

Q. When does NoteRush save a document (collection of notes)?

Documents are saved typically on losing focus (clicking away) from an edit field. The fact that there is no "save" command in NoteRush is a convenience because you know that NoteRush is automatically saving your changes.

Q. How do I move or copy a note?

Notes can be moved or copied by simple drag-drop: hold the left mouse button down over the note you want to move and drag it to the place in the note hierarchy that you want to drop the note. The note hierarchy automatically expands and collapses during drag-drop to enable you to drop the note into note groups (or documents) not currently visible.  Drop the note on the top or bottom of the neighbouring note (not the gap in between). By default this operation moves the note. To copy it, simply hold down the control key when releasing the left mouse button.

Q. What's the purpose of the "Pinboard"?

Any note in any document can be pinned to a sort of virtual window that we call the "Pinboard". By default, hit Ctrl-Shift-C to bring up the pinboard (configurable in the Options dialog). Once a note is on the Pinboard you can drag it to any position you choose. The idea is that you can quickly zoom into a set of notes of interest at any particular moment from any combination of documents and edit or analyse them. Roll your mouse over the "Options" menu in the top-left of the pinboard to set the pinboard colour and opacity.

Q. What about application updates?

Every 7 days NoteRush automatically checks for updates to itself online. If any are found it gives you the option of automatically downloading and installing them. NoteRush will save and exit before doing this.

Q. I've got an idea for NoteRush, are you interested?

Of course! Simply drop us an email and we'll carefully take on board what you say. Any promising ideas may make it into a future update of the product.

Q. Is NoteRush free?

NoteRush Classic version is free, Premium is paid for.

Q. What's the difference between NoteRush Classic and Premium?

NoteRush comes in two versions: Classic and Premium. Classic version is free, Premium is paid for. Classic gives access to the core features of NoteRush. Premium gives access to extra features that may be useful to you. We structured the product in this way to make NoteRush available to the widest possible number of people, but at the same time, to allow for continuing support and development. We encourage you to buy a product key to use Premium NoteRush if you find NoteRush useful. This will also unlock all Premium features.

Q. I can see you have introduced Classic and Premium versions. What about current customers who have purchased a product key when there was only one version?

All customers who purchased product keys prior to the introduction of Classic and Premium will find that they will automatically be running the Premium version.

NoteRush Version History

NoteRush is being actively developed and enhanced in response to user feedback. See sections beneath for a detailed breakdown of what changed in each release. Product updates (if available) are delivered and installed automatically every 7 days on restarting NoteRush. You can also check for updates at any time by clicking the "Check for updates now" button available from the options screen.

Current Release

Version 2.2.2

Release date: 26 February 2013

List of issues addressed in this release:

  • Improved handling of the Control Icon and application on-top behaviour + better minimize behaviour.
  • Control Icon not responding - under certain conditions the Control Icon would not respond to the mouse.
  • Improved error handling when an XPS viewer is not available to display an exported document.

Previous Releases

Version 2.2.1

Release date: 12 February 2013

List of issues addressed in this release:

  • New Feature: export of notes from all levels in note hierarchy to XPS document format.
  • New Feature: improved formatting around numbered and bulleted lists to be more economical with screen space.
  • New Feature: Quick Start document now always positioned as the last document in document list.
  • New Feature: added a new button in the text editing toolbox to remove formatting within the current selection.
  • New Feature: improved message boxes and error handling.
  • Improved digital signing of installation binaries.
  • Error on closing QuickStart - when a new unsaved document had been created.
  • Child note added to wrong parent - under certain circumstances.
  • Error when dragging the app on Windows 8 - occurred when dragging from a primary to secondary monitor.
  • Icon menu pictures clipped on Windows 8 - affected the menu used to select the icon for a note.
  • Initial showing of a note window in wrong location - window flashed up on the lhs of the screen before moving to its correct position.
  • Options Dialog not always on top - the options dialog sometimes lost its "ontop" windows flag.
  • Ctrl-X / Cut not working - under certain situations.
  • Font names in Options dialog font chooser had incorrect font size - didn't reflect the current text size in the text size list-box.
  • Renamed "New" and "Open" options in document menu - renamed to "New Document" and "Open Document" for clarity.
  • Message boxes not always on top - when activating / deactivating product key from Options window.
  • Note Styles not obeying "rounded" option - certain styles were affected.

Version 2.1.80

Release date: 17 October 2012

List of issues addressed in this release:

  • Windows 8 - changes to support the Windows 8 platform.

Version 2.1.70

Release date: 2 May 2012

List of issues addressed in this release:

  • Product activation - fixed problem with product activation failing under certain conditions.

Version 2.1.60

Release date: 9 Mar 2012

List of issues addressed in this release:

  • New Feature: auto-scroll newly added notes into view - on adding a new note, it is now automatically scrolled into view and the title field is set immediately into edit mode. This is a useability enhancement.
  • New Feature: smarter positioning of the Control Icon - the Control Icon now automatically remembers the position it was last dragged to when in collapsed mode, with the effect that: on hiding the open document list (i.e. clicking the closest arrow to the blue icon to hide docs) the ControlIcon will move back to the last position it was dragged to. This is a useability enhancement.
  • New Feature: tooltips for copy/move - tooltips have been added during drag-drop of a note to make it clear whether the note is being moved or copied. This is a useability enhancement.
  • Count of notes in a document - change of wording: each document now shows its note count with more appropriate wording.
  • Red border on deleting a note - fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, the red border is not shown around a note when displaying the delete confirmation message box.
  • Resizing of a note sometimes results in moving of the note instead of resizing - under certain circumstances attempting to resize a note resulted in moving the note instead. 
  • Extra mouse click required to enter edit mode - under certain circumstances a note would need to be clicked 3 times instead of 2 to start the edit process.
  • Width of note not always saved correctly - when stretching a note's width to the min or max allowed, sometimes the new width was not saved.
  • PinBoard position not saved - under certain circumstances, when a note was dragged around the pinboard its new location was not saved.
  • "Bring Pinned Windows forward" menu option removed - this menu option was confusingly named and the provided functionality was not useful. The option has been removed.

Version 2.1.50

Release date: 14 Feb 2012

List of issues addressed in this release:

  • Saving XML error message - saving a new NoteRush document, under certain circumstances including user not having write access to the specified save folder, produced a dialog box with a stack trace. A more more appropriate error box is now displayed.
  • File-Open dialog not displayed - on selecting file-open from the Control Icon's main menu, under certain situations the dialog failed to display.
  • Inappropriate doc default save location - NoteRush now creates a new folder ("My Documents" / NoteRush) and chooses this is as the default save location after a fresh install. (Note that: NoteRush keeps track of the last folder saved to and so will initialise file dialogs with the last used folder regardless.)
  • Drag-drop error - when moving a note from one document to another, and the note being moved is the only note in the source document, an error occurred.
  • Drag-drop saving - changed docs not always saved after a drag-drop.
  • Editing a pinned note and changes not automatically 'synched' to note hierarchy - when editing a note that is pinned to the pinboard or to the desktop, the note in the hierarchy should be updated automatically with the edit changes.
  • Removing a title / description from a pinned note not removing title / description from note in note hierachy - a single note must be consistently displayed across all 3 possible views.
  • Control-Tab behaviour not consistent - control-tab'ing on a note should consistently set focus to the next field in the note or the next note in the document.
  • Text not consistently saved on Control-Tab - under certain circumstances.
  • Document style menu displaying 'xxxxxxxxxx' - when choosing a new document style, the available styles are displayed with the x text. The menu has been smartened up to display some sensible text in the current document-name font.
  • Performance impacted when editing description fields - certain background document parsing operations could adversely affect application performance. Parsing is now less aggressive.
  • Accessing a pinned note's menu produces an error dialog - under certain circumstances an error was obtained during this operation.
  • Quick-Start document searched for in wrong location - when starting NoteRush through double clicking a file with a ".nrush" extension resulted in a file not found error.

Version 2.1.40

Release date: 26 Sep 2011

List of issues addressed in this release:

  • Drag-drop moves/copies to wrong location - under certain circumstances the drop target note was incorrectly calculated
  • Images inserted into notes not saved - depending on whether the image links to an internet location or a local drive
  • Notes not always scrolling into view - dependent on whether a note is being edited or not

Version 2.1.30

Release date: 19 Aug 2011

First public release.

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